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The Arch: 4 Ways to Visit our Iconic Landmark

Updated: Jan 19

The Arch in Los Cabos

Visiting The Arch in Cabo San Lucas is a must on a getaway to Los Cabos. It’s not just a unique land formation; it’s a symbol of the strength and resilience of Los Cabos. So in this new Entry we recommend you four different ways you can take in this Cabo legendary site.

The Romantic Way

The Arch in Los Cabos

Imagine being on the open water on board of a beautiful French made Sailboat, lit by the mellow oranges and pinks of a Los Cabos sunset as you look out at El Arco, drink in hand and delicious appetizers to indulge yourself. You will hardly find a more romantic way to see this iconic landmark.

In addition to this recommendation, you can also experience The Luxurious Romantic way to visit The Arch, living the amazing Private Yacht Experience, for small parties, ideal for marriage proposals or elegant bachelor parties.

The Arch in Los Cabos

The Adventurous Way

The Arch in Los Cabos

For the adventurous travelers, We recommend the Jetski Adventure, you will visit this famous land mark on board of a Fast boat before you get on a powerful and fun Wave runner, so this way you can really appreciate this beautiful rock formation and besides you can take all the pictures and selfies you want for your social media stories.

The Above it Way

The Arch in Los Cabos

Everything looks different a few meters above the ground, and The Arch is not the exception, this is why we love the helicopter experience, visit The Arch and the beaches nearby and admire Cabo in a very exclusive way, this activity can be combined with another land activity like UTV’s ATV’s, Camel Ride, Horseback Ride and Electric Bike.

The Upgraded Traditional Way

The Arch in Los Cabos

In Cabo, the classic glass-bottom boat out to see The Arch, the surrounding rock formations and beaches, has been taken to the next level on board of a Clear Boat a unique experience in town. Consider it the best of both worlds – you get the ease of a boat tour, plus you can see all the marine life of a snorkelig tour without getting wet. This is also a good option for a jam-packed schedule, as these tours are shorter and let you enjoy more of Cabo on the same day.

The Bonus Way

The Arch in Los Cabos

As a bonus recommendation, we can’t leave The one and only Parasailing Experience, an activity available throughout Mexican beach destinations, with the exclusivity of our Beloved famous landmark. Experience the quite flight and admire The Arch while feeling the ocean breeze on your face.

Now you know there are very different ways to visit The World Famous Arch, the only thing you have left is experiencing them all and decide which one is the best.

For more information about these or any other activity or Experience in Cabo, please Contact us, our Experts will happily assist you!


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